"A Balanced Body is a Healthy Body"

Reflexology Therapy

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is NOT a massage

It is a non-invasive, complementary practice

based on the premise that the feet, hands, face and ears hold a mirror of our bodies.  By applying alternating pressure to these reflex areas, using thumb and finger techniques, it can promote a beneficial response to those body systems.

Benefits of Reflexology

When REFLEXOLOGY is performed it relaxes the whole body. This relaxation allows the body to reduce stress, improve circulation, and increase energy within the body. This ENERGY allows the body to restore BALANCE and heal itself.


Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure medical conditions.



The feet hold a mirror to our bodies. By stimulating the feet reflexes that are connected to specific body systems and organs. You can create an energetic respond to help promote the body to balance and heal itself. 

60 minutes - $75

90 minutes - $110

The entire map of the body is represented on the hands, with access to all the body systems. Providing reflexology on the hands is beneficial for individuals with stiff or inflamed joints. 

40 minutes - $55


Facial reflexology uses series of touch techniques to stimulate reflexes in the face.  A session can increase circulation and lymphatic movement, stimulates cellular and nerve function, relaxes facial muscles and the mind.  


Incorporating ear reflexology with another session enhances the flow of energy throughout the body. It can also promote an inner balance and release tension to allow the body to settle into a deeper state of relaxation.

40 minutes - $55

Your Visit

On your first visit you will need to plan on spending a very extra minutes as we review your concerns and answer any questions that you may have.  Wear comfortable clothing, the only thing that you will need to remove are your shoes and socks. A calming atmosphere is provided and it is your choice to relax or engage in conversation. 
Covid-19 Protocols
As always, the table will have clean linens and a clean blanket. The room will be wiped down with an approved disinfectant prior to your session. I will be contacting you the night before your session to see if there are any issues or concerns. Before we start your session I will be taking your temperature with a non-touch forehead thermometer and I will be doing a Check-In Screening Protocol questionnaire. During the entire session I will be wearing a mask, I ask that you wear a mask as well.   



Eva is a National Board Certified Reflexologist, (NBCR #B01786), having obtained her training through an American Reflexology Certification Board approved course that incorporated 2 years of classroom and clinical instruction. Eva is medically trained and involved in the healthcare field for over 20 years both in New Jersey and North Carolina.


Over the years in healthcare, Eva has seen a significant increase of ailments and diseases. Having used reflexology and nutrition to improve her own health, she desired to be part of the holistic care field. This passion led her to complete her studies and to start her journey of helping others who are seeking to stay balanced.


Eva currently lives on her mini-oasis with her family and all the other four legged family members. Being a Master Gardener, she enjoys her time in the yard maintaining her wildlife and butterfly habitat areas. 


Eva is a member of the North Carolina Reflexology Association, Reflexology Association of America and American Reflexology Certification Board, as well as, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, as a Certified Health Coach.   

Eva is also fluent in Polish. 



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