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What to look for in a Reflexologist

What is the difference between someone who says that they do reflexology and a Board Certified Reflexologist? When you are looking for a reflexologist, you should make sure the individual that you choose has attended a certified reflexology school and are board certified. The certifying requirements to become a Board Certified Reflexologist are as follows:

- pass a 300 question written exam in 3 hours

- practical (hands on) exam - documentation of 30 clients sessions submitted to the ARCB for review

Individuals who do not reference themselves as board certified, have not had the education and training needed to properly facilitate a reflexology session. Please check to make sure your reflexologist is at his or her highest standard of professionalism. So please ask, "what are your credentials?" We would be very proud to talk to you about it!

To find a Board Certified Reflexologist in your area, please check the ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) website at

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